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¿Qué son Entrevistas Exclusivas?

Las entrevistas te ayudan a conocer un poco más acerca de la personalidad y las preferencias de los escorts y, a la vez, ayudándote con la decisión de a quien contactar.

Solo RentMen le da al escort o masajista la opción de crear una entrevista personal para que tú puedas tomar una mejor decisión basada en lo que él dice acerca de sí mismo. Lee sobre su punto de vista personal, aprende lo que él piensa sobre su trabajo, lo que hace en su tiempo libre y cómo quiere que te sientas después de pasar tiempo juntos.

Estos chicos son mucho más que fotos y descripciones - solo RentMen te ofrece oportunidad de descubrir sus otras interesantes cualidades. Conócelo antes de llamar.

Mi entrevista

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  • ¿Qué deben saber otros con absoluta certeza acerca de ti?

    There are a few things you should know about me if we're going to be friends (or if you're just crossing me): first and foremost, I'm a Capricorn. I was born in the winter, so I'm naturally cool and calculating - don't let my exterior fool you, underneath the ice is a soul.
    I also happen to be quite private, so unless you get to know me really well, there's a lot of my life that will understandably remain off-limits.
    Finally, I have no problem walking away from a bad deal - whether it's a business venture or simply a friendship that's not working out. So if you're not serious about whatever it is we have going on or the vibes don't seem there, then just let me know and I will do the same; we can part ways - no hard feelings.

  • ¿Cuál dirías son tus mayores atributos?

    I'm an ambitious, honest and loyal person. I always keep my word; it's important to me that you know the difference between what is real or fake when we are together because there should be no lies in a friendship like ours since it is based on trust. Even when you don't want to hear it, I am going to tell it like it is; not here to sugarcoat, a real friend helps you through your problems by helping you face them instead of hide. Loyalty....let me just say that it ain't nothing to hide a body.

  • ¿Qué haces para divertirte?

    I find new ways to make money. I like making money, I like spending money, I like having money. Money opens doors that cannot otherwise be opened. I have a career that I have built for a decade, and I would consider myself successful. I'm an entrepreneur at my core, and when I make money it feels like a natural extension of who am.

  • ¿Qué “esfuerzo adicional” haces en tu vida?

    Extra mile? I think it's all about the little things. It could be something as simple as making sure the client is always comfortable, or going out of my way to make sure they have a good time. I also always try to be professional and respectful, no matter what. Beauty is in millimeters and those little things can make a big difference; they're what set me apart from others.

  • Si nos sentamos en la playa, a beber y comer solo tú y yo, ¿qué me contarías de tu persona y tu vida?

    I would look at you and tap your knuckles and release a quasi-smile; I would tell you in a low but steady volume "I fucking hate this world and where it's going and I wish I was not from my generation because it saddens me. I hate the condemnation from each side of whatever issue is at hand, whether it be religion, politics, etc..." You would roll your eyes in disagreement and tell me how great life is. I would shut up because you just proved my point.

  • ¿Qué tipo de dieta y rutina de ejercicios sigues?

    I would rather starve than go to the gym. Not joking.

  • Nombra 5 cosas sin las que no puedes vivir.

    I am actually quite simple and I would say I cannot live without:
    1. the feeling of chugging water after a long night out with great friends.
    2. the five minutes of alone time you get when you sneak outside for a cigarette (I don't smoke ;))
    3. the cacophony of smells from my cologne collection
    4. the taste of cold milk on a hot summer day after being outside.
    5. the bass thumping in my headphone that might make me go deaf one day.

  • ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de ti?

    While I am not the most organized person (sorry for being late y'all), I do have the gifts of diligence and perseverance. I do work hard in all aspects of life and career. This is why I am successful. I also think my secret weapon is that I try to remain positive even when shit is clearly hitting the fan.
    There is also this kind of dark sense of humour that I have, ever so slightly 'off' and I actually find it quite amusing to sit there with my thoughts and just visualize every outcome and the hurdles it may bring. Tragic humour or divine comedy or whatever...I'm more of a Disco Inferno fan.

    I love to laugh, laugh, and then laugh some more even if you're sitting there thinking to yourself "what the fuck is wrong with him," and I'm always up for a good time. I try to keep myself and those around me entertained. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and I'm always up for a good challenge.

  • ¿Cuál es tu "especialidad" o que te apasiona?

    I'm not sure that I have a niche, but I think that I am best described as a young, dumb, full - of - life person. I feel that at my age, I am trying to grasp tightly to the last bit of innocence I have, with the next phase being one of complete manhood. Perhaps that terrifies me on some level. That's a lot of responsibility. I certainly don't want to clean up my own spilt milk...
    On the outside, I wear clothes that seem like they were designed by Osh-Kosh, B'Gosh and tailored for an adult male. It's like I'm a cherub that some how wiggled through the gates of heaven and ended up living on the other side, somehow got the chance to grow up. (My mother would say I look like an angel but I'm really demonic.) Some hell-raising angel, living la dolce vita and eating soft ice cream sundaes or banana split with maraschino cherries on top with a strawberry drizzle - irrevocably sweet. Perhaps I can be many things, and it all depends on the mask I'm asked to wear.
    All I know is this:
    Me, being the artist that I am
    Being the age that I am
    Having the body that I have
    Having the face shape that I have
    This really does work for me!