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¿Qué son Entrevistas Exclusivas?

Las entrevistas te ayudan a conocer un poco más acerca de la personalidad y las preferencias de los escorts y, a la vez, ayudándote con la decisión de a quien contactar.

Solo RentMen le da al escort o masajista la opción de crear una entrevista personal para que tú puedas tomar una mejor decisión basada en lo que él dice acerca de sí mismo. Lee sobre su punto de vista personal, aprende lo que él piensa sobre su trabajo, lo que hace en su tiempo libre y cómo quiere que te sientas después de pasar tiempo juntos.

Estos chicos son mucho más que fotos y descripciones - solo RentMen te ofrece oportunidad de descubrir sus otras interesantes cualidades. Conócelo antes de llamar.

Mi entrevista

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  • ¿Qué te distingue de todas las demás personas que conoces?

    In my opinion, this is an overrated question to be even asked by anyone. I feel when a person is at his best, he will naturally stand out. The answer to this question is straightforward, be exceptionally good at what you do. Be aware of what you do, start small, be best at performing even the menial activities, and accept that you will not ever know everything. The two most important things one should have are knowledge and communication skills. Knowledge will make you recognized, but communication skills will let you convince people. Without either of them, you may cease to stand out.

  • Cuéntanos acerca de la mejor experiencia que has tenido en la vida.

    Being in my family. My father and mother were the most incredible people I have ever known. They were kind, considerate, deliberate, and loving. I've had my fair share of discipline, but they told me they loved me and that my development was their top priority. We went on trips for fun and education. They gave me the latitude to make mistakes but helped me learn and grow from them. They loved and encouraged me every step of the way. My grandparents were equally awesome!!!! I can say with all honesty I knew absolute love. That will and has been the most significant experience ever, and I am so lucky!

  • ¿Cuál dirías son tus mayores atributos?

    Honestly, Loyalty, Respectfulness, Sensitivity, and Humility!

  • Si nos sentamos en la playa, a beber y comer solo tú y yo, ¿qué me contarías de tu persona y tu vida?

    Suppose I am candid with you. We would talk about the best parts of my life. The kind of fun we used to have when life was simpler. There was no burden, the childish innocence, and the beautiful college memories.

    Maybe I will talk about the missed opportunities in life. Some regrets, some lost companions, some failed love stories. I will talk about the beautiful souls I met and the hurt of seeing them change in front of my eyes. Job and responsibilities quickly alter someone’s nature and their theory of life. I will talk about the world and the many mysteries it holds.

    Trust me, and it will be a long night!

  • Nombra 5 cosas sin las que no puedes vivir.

    1. Hope
    By hope, I mean:
    hope that the future will be good (if the present is also good), or better (if the present is painful).
    hope that this brief, confusing, and often painful life is not all there is to look forward to.
    hope that although I may be growing old and losing certain things (innocence, opportunities, visual acuity), there is a chance to either regain what I’ve lost or to gain other things — equal or better than what I’ve had to give up.
    If I don’t have hope, I don’t have anything.

    2. Beauty
    By beauty, I don’t just mean sculptures and paintings. I mean everything that stirs those internal feelings of admiration, awe, and gratitude

    3. Music
    Music is a language, a worldview, a way I make sense of and interpret and understand and address the world that I live in.

    4. Love
    I don’t mean romance, which unfortunately is what this word boils down to much of the time.
    I mean love. And decided to write “love” instead of “family” or “friends,” because family and friends are never guaranteed to stay in one’s life.
    But love is always possible.

    5. Humor 🤣♥️

  • ¿Qué deben saber otros con absoluta certeza acerca de ti?

    Although I am not always candid, I try to be scrupulously honest and objective. I am not always right, but I don't lie. I make mistakes, and when I find I have made one, I will admit it.

  • ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de ti?

    There are many things I love about myself; difficult just to name one because it feels like I would be cheating myself. But many of those are double-edged swords as well. If I had to choose one, I’d say my ability to learn, which comes with a drive and capability to acquire skills and knowledge relatively quickly. This aspect of myself has gotten me to where I am now, brought me through bad times, helped me understand complicated things, and led to my current situation, where I am delighted doing what I do.